Last January 11-12, 2018, the Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Epidemiology, Inc. conducted a consultative meeting regarding the Technical Review Board (TRB) Manual. This was held at the Summit Galleria Hotel, Cebu City. The meeting was held to help the Technical Working Group to finalize the Development of the Technical Review Board Manual to be used by the TRB of the 17 Regional Health Research and Development Consortia. It was attended by the Consortium Chairs, RMC/R&D Committee Chairs, and the Regional Project Staff of the 17 consortia.




The Committee on Capability Building of the Health Research and Development Consortium Region IV-A -Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (HRDCR IV-A-PCHRD) is steadfast in its commitment to create and sustain an enabling environment for health research and development activities which are well contextualized to the culture, resource, and needs of the region and country. To fully realize the vision and aspirations of the Philippine National Health Research System, the HRDCR IV-A has conceptualized a “Capability-Building Program for Health Researchers in Region IV-A ”.


This program is composed of the following modules to provide health researchers with a solid and applied understanding of research topics and methods used commonly in health sciences research.

Module I:      Training Course on Basic Research Methods

Module II:    Health Research Proposal Enhancement and Mentoring Program

Module III:   Data Analysis Workshop


The Training Course on Basic Research Methods was conducted on October 11-13, 2017 and the Health Research Proposal Enhancement and Mentoring Program last November 8-10, 2017 both held at Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay City. Dr. Ophelia Mendoza of University of the Philippines-Manila served as the resource person for the said workshops, both attended by the representatives of the member-institutions of HRDCR IV-A.


At the end of the workshops, participants were able to enrich their skills in the design of conceptually cogent, methodologically rigorous, and ethically sound research proposals for possible funding. The generated proposals were aligned with National Unified Health Research Agenda and DOH Medium Term Health Policy and Systems Research Agenda.


Participants who were able to attend Modules 1 and 2 will also be invited to the Data Analysis Workshop if they complete and submit all the necessary output from the first and second workshops.






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